Makings of a Well-Rounded Climber – Recovery

Photo of Rachel Robinson by AS Inspired Media

By Alexandra Simone

To go along with a healthy diet and cross training, active recovery is something often forgotten but equally as important. As athletes, we are hard on our bodies, and as climbers, we endlessly work the same parts of our body until fatigue, often leaving us sore, tight or injured. Simply resting on the couch for a day in between climbing days does not do that much to help the body heal. True, it can reboot your energy and give your muscles time to relax, but if you are unusually sore, feeling pinched or uncomfortable in certain areas, feeling a tightness that won’t go away, or feeling pain in joints or muscles that is abnormal, there are other ways to help your body heal more effectively than simply sitting still.
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Makings of a Well-Rounded Climber: Diet & Nutrition

Photo by Alexandra Kahn (Siurana, Spain 2018)

Written By Alexandra Kahn

Climbing is a unique sport- it is a fun activity that anyone can do, like surfing and snowboarding, but it is also a sport that requires practice and patience in order to improve. Since climbing gyms have been increasing in popularity, the desire to improve personal performance is increasing as well. There are coaches, teams, training apps, training programs and climbing clinics all aimed at improving climbing. However, just like other fitness-focused sports, there are additional components to keep in mind if improvement is the overall goal. While consistent climbing and training are very important, it’s also important to focus on a healthy diet, cross-training, and active recovery in order to prevent injury, recover faster, feel more energized, and succeed in your climbing goals. In part 1 of this series we dive into the importance of a good climber diet & nutrition!
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Preparing to go from Climbing Indoors to Climbing Outside

Matt Bacalakis top belaying in the Gunks PC: Nicholas Hernandez

Written by Alex Kahn

Gyms do not offer classes or tips on what to do to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing and often climbers are just expected to figure it out and hope for the best. I have seen too many accidents and near accidents. I have seen too many surprises, a lack of respect for nature and fellow climbers, and way too many unprepared people who decided to “just figure it out.” Thus, these tips will hopefully prepare you and remind you of what to be wary of when taking your climbing from inside to outside.

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Top Outdoor Organizations You Should Contribute To

By Alexandra Kahn

There are a variety of reasons people choose to donate their time and/or money to a cause. Sometimes it is required by school or work, sometimes it’s a cause that is close to your heart, sometimes you feel like you need to give back to the world, or maybe you just need some higher tax write-offs. Whatever the reason, we compiled a list of outdoor organizations that you can volunteer with or donate to. Organizations like these are the reasons we have the climbing areas, national parks, conservation lands and public lands that we have. They are the outdoor organizations fighting on behalf of the outdoor industry to save the land from development and sale. They are the organizations cleaning up the lands where we play; the organizations that inspire and educate the young minds of tomorrow so they too will appreciate and protect the land. They expose new people to nature, protect our water sources and wildlife, and keep climbing areas safe.

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Tension and Kilter Boards – The Moon Board’s got Some Competition

PC: Alton Richardson

Written by Alex Kahn
Despite how long Ben Moon’s MoonBoard has been in the climbing scene, is it not until he created the app and the backlit system became popular that climbers began to take advantage of this unique training tool. Fast forward several years Moon’s board is now competing with other players as Tension & Kilter enter into the scene with their own boards.

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