Destination Ice – The Northeast Ice Climbing Gems of New Hampshire

The Black Dike at Cannon Cliff in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

The 2019-20 Ice season can’t get here fast enough.  To help get you inspired, get your tick list started, and remind you to get your ass into the gym to train with DRY ICE Tools, we’ve asked Ben Carlson, co-owner of Furnace Industries, to curate a series of articles outlining just a few of the adventures out there around the country just awaiting the kiss of your sweet blue steel picks. Check out these Northeast ice climbing gems of New Hampshire!
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The Spirit of Aloha: Climbing in Hawaii

Written by Alex Kahn
A series of mountainous islands make up the small arcing shape of America’s Hawaiian islands. While technically a state, Hawai’i is vastly different from the rest of America’s culture and is remarkably similar to the Polynesian culture: the people who initially discovered and developed Hawai’i. While I have traveled to Hawai’i before as a tourist, during 2017 and 2018, I decided to spend significant amounts of time living there. With this additional time, I delved deeper into the natural beauty that formed legends, the history that shaped culture, and a state-of-mind that influenced attitudes. While each island has a unique geography and vibe, they share the Hawaiian pride and the spirit of “Aloha.”
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11 Climbing Books to Keep You Inspired on Rainy Days

reading climbing books

We all get rained out on occasion. The weather just doesn’t work out in our favor, mother nature decides its now monsoon season. For the next week you are stuck staring at gear, Instagram and google maps seeing if you can make that 6-7 hours drive to the nearest dry crag a feasible “weekend trip”. Here are some climbing books to past the time.
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Your Guide to Hiring a Rock Climbing Guide

Written by Cristin Knowlton of Fox Mountain Guides
Trying to hire a rock climbing guide? The process can be tricky and confusing. Why? The term “guide” itself is very loaded. Depending on the industry, it can have a variety of meanings the typical consumer might know nothing about but should. Fundamentally, a guide is a person who shares their knowledge/skills about a particular topic with another, presumably less-informed person; at their essence, they are teachers.  We seek them out for expertise we don’t have or for experiences we can’t have without them. Regardless of type, be it a city tour guide, rafting guide, hiking guide, climbing guide, fishing guide, mountain biking guide, dance or jujitsu instructor, they have some skill we are willing to pay for.
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Bouldering Rimrock Overlook in Allegheny National Forest

Written by Dana Harrington

I’ve been climbing for almost two decades now and somewhere along the line I figured out that you don’t have to go to Bishop, Hueco, or any other recognized destination to boulder world-class lines. Some of my favorite climbs have been off the beaten path on some unknown or forgotten rock in the middle of Podunk. And as much as I’ve traveled, I am still drawn to Rimrock in the Allegheny National Forest. There’s nothing like grappling gritstone high on the hillsides above the river valley, with the wind in the trees and the ethereal sound of wood thrushes trilling in the air.
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