Nine Corners Lake: Bouldering in the Adirondacks

Ann Marie nine corners lake bouldering AdirondacksThe Adirondacks is one of the Northeast’s greatest wilderness treasures. If you live in the US and love the outdoors it is hard to not hear about the Adirondacks. This ancient mountain range is laden with hundreds of peaks, lakes, cliffs and boulder fields!

Nine Corners Lake Adirondacks climbing

Nine Corners Lake is no exception! This lake located in the south west corner of the wilderness park is a popular camping area for locals and the repeat Adirondack visitor. This spot is a bit more remote and considered off the beaten path of the more popular Adirondacks destinations such as Lake Placid & Saranac lake. Nine Corners is a hidden gem with a lot less of the crowd!

Melvin Rivera nine corners lake Bouldering Climbing adirondacksLance geting Chalky nine corners lake bouldering adirondacks

Now within the climbing community, this location has a much different attraction. Along the side of this beautiful and pristine lake is an extensive number of boulders! Hidden back a few hundred feet into the woods from the lake are boulders ranging from just 10 feet up to 30 feet high. This large number of boulders in concentration make Nine Corners lake one of the top destinations for bouldering in the Adirondacks.

Group nine corners lake rock climbing adirondacks

With well over 300+ problems ranging from V0 – V10 there is more then enough climbs for everyone in your climbing group to enjoy no matter what the skill level!

climbers nine corners lake rock climbing adirondacks

Bring your chalk, tape and skin salve! Like much of the rock found in the Northeast it can be very quite unforgiving resulting in you leaving a little bit of yourself behind on occasion!

Nine corners lake rock climbing adirondacks

www.TimetoClimb.comWhen your hands are raw

But don’t let a little pain & suffering deter you from bouldering in the Adirondacks though. The variety of problems that can be found at Nine Corners is quite extensive! With hundreds of problems to choose from there is something for almost every climbing style.

Whether you are into high feet and technical crimps:

Melvin Rivera nine corners lake rock climbing adirondacks

Over hung foot flagging swings:

Melvin Rivera hanging out in nine corners lake climbing adirondacks

slopey handrails and heel hooks:

Sam Dixon bouldering meat and potatos in Nine Corners Lake climbing

Nine Corners has something to climb for everyone no matter what the grade or style you climb! So Grab your shoes, tent, and crash pad! Head up north and enjoy some bouldering in the Adirondacks!

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