The Tri-State Bouldering Series is Back for Season #3

TriState Bouldering

The Tri-State Bouldering Series is back for Season #3 with five stops across NY, NJ & CT. We at Time to Climb are going to be there for each of the five stops this season to cover the action, photograph & interview the climbers who are competing along the way!

The Tri-State Bouldering Series now going on its 3rd year kicks off its first stop of the series this weekend with the Send Train Bouldering Comp at Rock Climb Fairfield in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Competition climbers come from all over the northeast from as far away as Maine & Delaware, with even some flying in from Texas & Colorado to compete in the Tri-State Bouldering Series!

The 5 locations making up the Tri-State Bouldering Series this year are:

Rock Climb Fairfield – Fairfield, CT

Island Rock – Plainview, NY

New Jersey Rock Gym – Fairfield, NJ

The Cliffs at Valhalla – Valhalla, NY

The Cliffs at LIC – Long Island City, NY

Each of these locations have become the anchors for their local climbing community, some being around for decades and the first climbing gyms to open in the tri-state area. The climbing comps they host have been going on for many years as their own stand alone events. Each of these climbing comps draw out several hundred climbers each year. The advent of the Tri-State Bouldering Series was a means of connecting each of these gyms and their prospective communities together along with their collective mindshare. With the collaboration of these 5 climbing gyms, their staff, and setters the Tri-State Bouldering Series has created a multi-state bouldering competition drawing in over 1,000+ competitors, 10’s of thousands of spectators and national sponsors! This platform has given these local strong climbers an opportunity to spotlight  them and potentially catapult their pursuits of climbing to a national level!

Lucy Humphrey with thousands of spectators behind her during the finals at Gotham Citizens Comp at the Cliffs at LIC

Some of the nation’s largest outdoor brands are involved in this year’s Series:

The North Face & Scarpa being the two largest to step up to the plate and support the event with meet & Greets with pro athletes, marketing & promotions, prizes and more!

Competition breakdown:

Each of the comps are broken up by Men’s & Women’s and into 5 divisions – Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Masters & Open Classes. There are two 3 hour climbing sessions that take place – morning & afternoon.  Those who compete in Open class are the ones who compete for a spot in the competition finals that take place later on in the evening. The Finals consist of 3-4 distinct problems that each of the  Finalists will have to ultimately send.

Before the finals round begins, the climbers will be allowed to walk around and look at each of the problems. Visually projecting them, competing climbers often work with one another to mentally work out the beta for each of the climbs.  After the viewing is over, competitors will go back behind stage and will not be allowed to see the problems until it is their turn to go and send them.

Charlie Schreiber & Bryce Viola scoping out beta for the finals round of the Tri-State Bouldering Series

When the Finals begin, there will be 4 rounds, one for each finals problem. Climbers will be allowed 4 minutes for each round to complete the specific finals problem in front of them. If a climber is on the wall while the time runs out they may continue climbing till they either fall off or send the problem.

With each competition stop of the Tri-State Bouldering Series there will be winners for each individual stop. For competitors who are competing at each of the stops throughout the series their scores are recorded and sent into TSB HQ for scoring & placement in the Series overall!

Our team here at Time to Climb as the media partner of the TSB Series will be at each of the Tri-State Bouldering Series stops taking pictures, videos and interviewing climbers at the events! So make sure to check back here at and follow Time to Climb on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see the latest photos, interviews and updates of the TSB Series this season!

Want to Compete:

Register for the first TSB stop – Send Train Bouldering Comp at Rock Climb Fairfield – Here

Register for the 2nd TSB stop –  Rock-it-Power Comp at Island Rock – Here

Get pre-registered for all 5 bouldering comps on the Tri-State Bouldering Series by picking up the Season Pass

Check out these pics we captured from the previous years of the Tri-State Bouldering Series:

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