Climbing Zimbabwe: Chimanimani National Park

Written & Photographed by Alex Kahn

Boulders of every shape stand before me, some the size of a coin, others bigger than a house. If an all-powerful being and Michelangelo joined forces to create an outdoor marble playground, it would look like Chimanimani National Park. White boulders with black and grey patterns appear blank and daunting, deterring those who are impatient. For those who persist, a variety of climbing holds slowly emerge from within the depths, creating mountains and valleys of endless possibility.

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Bouldering in New Jersey: The Sourland Smackdown!

Mike Kleban bouldering in Half Moon with chalk dust in the air

With a dense haze of chalk dust floating in the air, the morning sun gleams down through the trees onto the scattered crowds of boulderers cheering each other on in the heated competition known as the Sourlands Smackdown! See what makes this outdoor event and location a growing cornerstone for bouldering in New Jersey!

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