The Progression of Training & Dedication in Climbing

Written by Alex Kahn

Having been climbing for as long as I can physically remember, I have been privy to a variety of changes in the climbing community. One of the changes that stands out the most is the extremely fast rate at which limits are being pushed and physical feats are being accomplished. There used to be a few climbers here or there that were setting the standards for difficult climbing- they were icons that we all watched and assumed we could never understand or become.

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Training for Mixed & Ice Climbing Series – Building a Solid Foundation

Photo by Jacob Vavricka
Who doesn’t want to climb more?  Who doesn’t want to climb harder?
This eight part series brought to you by AMGA SPI guide Ben Carlson and co-owner of Furnace Industries is geared to get you training preparing you for Mixed & Ice climbing. These to-the-point, no B.S. posts will  get you ready for the upcoming ice climbing season.  We’ll use photos and videos to show you the exercise and proper technique with ACE Certified Fitness Trainer and Ice Climber Marian DeWitt. These posts are not designed for beginners.  We will assume you know the basics of climbing and working out.