Tension and Kilter Boards – The Moon Board’s got Some Competition

PC: Alton Richardson

Written by Alex Kahn
Despite how long Ben Moon’s MoonBoard has been in the climbing scene, is it not until he created the app and the backlit system became popular that climbers began to take advantage of this unique training tool. Fast forward several years Moon’s board is now competing with other players as Tension & Kilter enter into the scene with their own boards.

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The Progression of Training & Dedication in Climbing

Written by Alex Kahn

Having been climbing for as long as I can physically remember, I have been privy to a variety of changes in the climbing community. One of the changes that stands out the most is the extremely fast rate at which limits are being pushed and physical feats are being accomplished. There used to be a few climbers here or there that were setting the standards for difficult climbing- they were icons that we all watched and assumed we could never understand or become.

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