Lonesome Lake Hut: A Gateway into the White Mountains

Written by Morgan Nankivell

The White Mountains of NH are incredible beautiful, vast & rugged. They are home to some of the highest & most challenging peaks found in the Northeast. Hikers make their way up along the AT enter into this wilderness often with the Lonesome Lake Hut being the first place to greet them.

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Climbing Zimbabwe: Chimanimani National Park

Written & Photographed by Alex Kahn

Boulders of every shape stand before me, some the size of a coin, others bigger than a house. If an all-powerful being and Michelangelo joined forces to create an outdoor marble playground, it would look like Chimanimani National Park. White boulders with black and grey patterns appear blank and daunting, deterring those who are impatient. For those who persist, a variety of climbing holds slowly emerge from within the depths, creating mountains and valleys of endless possibility.

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