Climbing with Long Hair – 5 ways to deal

Climbing with Long hair
Matt Farrell took this photo of Jenifer Lavelle as she was bouldering “Crackhouse” an 85 ft V8/5.13 problem in Moab, UT

There are accomplishments and feats that set women apart from men, and aside from our good bits, a good indicator is the length of our hair. Guys, consider yourselves lucky—unless you choose to spend a couple years living out of your van, you probably don’t have long, luscious hair.

But in case you do, here are 5 simple ways to keep your long-ass hair out of your
face while climbing with long hair:


Climbing with Long hair - Ponytail
Kaitlyn Skehan rockin’ a ponytail while training in the rock gym

This is the go-to hairstyle when doing any workout. It’s simple and takes
seconds to pull your hair out of the way. If you have a million little flyaways
like I do, channel your inner high school soccer player and pair your hairstyle
with a grippy athletic headband.

French Braid:

Gabriela Ulisse climbing with long hair in Chile
Pilar Elorriaga took this stunning photo of Gabriela Ulisse sport climbing “chagasic park” 5.13a in Chile

I have seen many female climbers sporting a French braid as they climb, and
let me tell you, it looks cool as hell. You have the option of having one braid,
pigtail braids, or an awesome combo. Not only does it keep the flyaways
tamed and your hair out of your face, you also look like a badass climbing
Katniss. Time to climb? More like time to slay.


Climbing with long hair -TopKnot
Brenda throws up a top bun while warming up traversing in the rock gym

This hairstyle is perfect for when you cannot stand the thought of having long
hair for another second. If ponytails and braids constantly tickle your back,
and the thought of climbing with your hair down makes you want to cry,
that’s okay. Tap into your inner cross-training yogi for this simple, yet
effective hairstyle. Add a thick headband if you want to channel your inner


Michele DeVincentis bouldering with long hair in Bishop
Nicholas Hernandez took this photo if Michele bouldering out at the Buttermilks of Bishop California

If you shudder at the thought of having hair long enough to tickle your
shoulders blades, then this hairstyle is for you. Let’s hope you have a strong
lock-off to grab that headband or buff as it slips off mid-climb making that dyno.

Just Cut it Off:

Harmony Calhoun climbing in Red Rocks
Harmony Calhoun taking a look up figuring out her next hold while sport climbing out at Red Rocks, Nevada

Seriously. If none of these hairstyles work for you, just cut it all off! Never
worry about your long-ass annoying hair ever again. Hallelujah!
But in all seriousness, embrace your lovely locks ladies (and men), and continue to
kick ass wherever you crush your rock obsession!

Ann Marie climbing with long hair in Bishop
Ann Marie going for the top out while bouldering in the Buttermilks of Bishop California

This article was submitted & written by Kaitlyn Skehan.

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