The Spirit of Aloha: Climbing in Hawaii

Written by Alex Kahn
A series of mountainous islands make up the small arcing shape of America’s Hawaiian islands. While technically a state, Hawai’i is vastly different from the rest of America’s culture and is remarkably similar to the Polynesian culture: the people who initially discovered and developed Hawai’i. While I have traveled to Hawai’i before as a tourist, during 2017 and 2018, I decided to spend significant amounts of time living there. With this additional time, I delved deeper into the natural beauty that formed legends, the history that shaped culture, and a state-of-mind that influenced attitudes. While each island has a unique geography and vibe, they share the Hawaiian pride and the spirit of “Aloha.”
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Bouldering Rimrock Overlook in Allegheny National Forest

Written by Dana Harrington

I’ve been climbing for almost two decades now and somewhere along the line I figured out that you don’t have to go to Bishop, Hueco, or any other recognized destination to boulder world-class lines. Some of my favorite climbs have been off the beaten path on some unknown or forgotten rock in the middle of Podunk. And as much as I’ve traveled, I am still drawn to Rimrock in the Allegheny National Forest. There’s nothing like grappling gritstone high on the hillsides above the river valley, with the wind in the trees and the ethereal sound of wood thrushes trilling in the air.
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Preparing to go from Climbing Indoors to Climbing Outside

Matt Bacalakis top belaying in the Gunks PC: Nicholas Hernandez

Written by Alex Kahn

Gyms do not offer classes or tips on what to do to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing and often climbers are just expected to figure it out and hope for the best. I have seen too many accidents and near accidents. I have seen too many surprises, a lack of respect for nature and fellow climbers, and way too many unprepared people who decided to “just figure it out.” Thus, these tips will hopefully prepare you and remind you of what to be wary of when taking your climbing from inside to outside.

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Tension and Kilter Boards – The Moon Board’s got Some Competition

PC: Alton Richardson

Written by Alex Kahn
Despite how long Ben Moon’s MoonBoard has been in the climbing scene, is it not until he created the app and the backlit system became popular that climbers began to take advantage of this unique training tool. Fast forward several years Moon’s board is now competing with other players as Tension & Kilter enter into the scene with their own boards.

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Tri-State Bouldering Series Championship: The Winners, Photos & Replay

The Tri-State Bouldering Series Championship in NYC was as epic as any of us could have imagined! We followed the series on its last stop for the infamous Gotham Citizens & TBS Championship competition at The Cliffs at LIC in Long Island City, NY! Check out who won, the photos captured and the replays  of all the action!

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