Preparing to go from Climbing Indoors to Climbing Outside

Matt Bacalakis top belaying in the Gunks PC: Nicholas Hernandez

Written by Alex Kahn

Gyms do not offer classes or tips on what to do to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing and often climbers are just expected to figure it out and hope for the best. I have seen too many accidents and near accidents. I have seen too many surprises, a lack of respect for nature and fellow climbers, and way too many unprepared people who decided to “just figure it out.” Thus, these tips will hopefully prepare you and remind you of what to be wary of when taking your climbing from inside to outside.

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Tension and Kilter Boards – The Moon Board’s got Some Competition

PC: Alton Richardson

Written by Alex Kahn
Despite how long Ben Moon’s MoonBoard has been in the climbing scene, is it not until he created the app and the backlit system became popular that climbers began to take advantage of this unique training tool. Fast forward several years Moon’s board is now competing with other players as Tension & Kilter enter into the scene with their own boards.

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The Our Land Collective: Talking with Chris Vultaggio about Bears Ears

On the back heels of Trump’s decision to shrink the size of two massive national monuments, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante, a new project has launched in response. Chris Vultaggio & Alexis Krauss have created the “Our Land Collective”. We got a chance to catch up with Chris and ask him about the project!

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Climbing Photography Series with Alex Kahn

Climbing & photography have a very symbiotic relationship. Both require considerable knowledge of the equipment you use, constant training & practice and the ability to dial in subtle changes to achieve the end result. Alex Kahn of AS Inspired Media walks us through her best practices & tips for climbing photography to help you capture those moments as your climbing partners battle with the rock.

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Are We Loving the Outdoors to Death?

photo by Neil Skilton

That psyche at the end of a sunny day can largely define a mountain town. The streets buzz with energy as people grin like fools, boast of triumphs and recount near misses and spills. The feeling is addictive: people rush to the outdoors in search of adventure to get their fix. Whether it’s on the rock, up in the air, on a boat, or just in a good pair of hikers, there is an underlying motive: to get out and commune with nature.

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