Welcome to Climbing in the Gunks – Ethics & Stewardship

Climbing the best 5.6 in the world
Anyssa Lucena of Genuine Climbing on High Exposure in the Mohonk Preserve area of the Gunks

The Gunks are considered one of the most iconic and well preserved trad climbing destinations in the United States. Join us for Part 4 of our series as we discuss the Gunks climbing ethics and land stewardship you should be aware of when planning your next Gunks climbing trip!
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Top Outdoor Organizations You Should Contribute To

By Alexandra Kahn

There are a variety of reasons people choose to donate their time and/or money to a cause. Sometimes it is required by school or work, sometimes it’s a cause that is close to your heart, sometimes you feel like you need to give back to the world, or maybe you just need some higher tax write-offs. Whatever the reason, we compiled a list of outdoor organizations that you can volunteer with or donate to. Organizations like these are the reasons we have the climbing areas, national parks, conservation lands and public lands that we have. They are the outdoor organizations fighting on behalf of the outdoor industry to save the land from development and sale. They are the organizations cleaning up the lands where we play; the organizations that inspire and educate the young minds of tomorrow so they too will appreciate and protect the land. They expose new people to nature, protect our water sources and wildlife, and keep climbing areas safe.

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