Welcome to Climbing in the Gunks – Gear & Logistics

Gunks Climbing gear Minnewaska lodge
Enjoying a morning cup of coffee while going through gear on the back lawn of Minnewaska Lodge

The Gunks are considered one of the most iconic and well preserved trad climbing destinations in the United States. Join us for Part 2 of our article series as we discuss the necessary Gunks gear, logistics and area beta to make your visit enjoyable and run a bit smoother.

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Choosing Hiking Boots: 5 Things to Consider

Dan Kasper hiking in the CatskillsWith Spring officially here many of us are getting outside and hitting either the trails, crags or mountains. Choosing hiking boots can be a daunting task of trial and error. Depending on your activities and budget you may find yourself looking for one pair of all around hiking boots or several pairs for variety of options similar to your climbing trad rack. Here are 5 recommendations to help you alleviate some of the hassle and mistakes!

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