Makings of a Well-Rounded Climber: Diet & Nutrition

Photo by Alexandra Kahn (Siurana, Spain 2018)

Written By Alexandra Kahn

Climbing is a unique sport- it is a fun activity that anyone can do, like surfing and snowboarding, but it is also a sport that requires practice and patience in order to improve. Since climbing gyms have been increasing in popularity, the desire to improve personal performance is increasing as well. There are coaches, teams, training apps, training programs and climbing clinics all aimed at improving climbing. However, just like other fitness-focused sports, there are additional components to keep in mind if improvement is the overall goal. While consistent climbing and training are very important, it’s also important to focus on a healthy diet, cross-training, and active recovery in order to prevent injury, recover faster, feel more energized, and succeed in your climbing goals. In part 1 of this series we dive into the importance of a good climber diet & nutrition!
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