Preparing to go from Climbing Indoors to Climbing Outside

Matt Bacalakis top belaying in the Gunks PC: Nicholas Hernandez

Written by Alex Kahn

Gyms do not offer classes or tips on what to do to make the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing and often climbers are just expected to figure it out and hope for the best. I have seen too many accidents and near accidents. I have seen too many surprises, a lack of respect for nature and fellow climbers, and way too many unprepared people who decided to “just figure it out.” Thus, these tips will hopefully prepare you and remind you of what to be wary of when taking your climbing from inside to outside.

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Climbing Zimbabwe: Chimanimani National Park

Written & Photographed by Alex Kahn

Boulders of every shape stand before me, some the size of a coin, others bigger than a house. If an all-powerful being and Michelangelo joined forces to create an outdoor marble playground, it would look like Chimanimani National Park. White boulders with black and grey patterns appear blank and daunting, deterring those who are impatient. For those who persist, a variety of climbing holds slowly emerge from within the depths, creating mountains and valleys of endless possibility.

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Céüse: Limestone & Gumption in France

Brieuc Deléage captures Maelys Agrapart as she is climbing  "Les Colonnettes" 5.13a in Ceuse, France
Brieuc Deléage captures Maelys Agrapart as she is climbing “Les Colonnettes” 5.13a in Ceuse, France

Ceuse in the Haute-Alps section of the country is the home of some of France’s most famous crags. Sitting over 5,000 ft above sea level and at the foot of the Alps, Ceuse houses some of Europe’s hardest sport climbing routes.

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