A Reminder along Ko’olau Ridge

Ko'olau ridge looking towards Pali Lookout

Life has a tendency to remind you of how blessed you are.

In our trek to the “Stairway to Heaven” we took the legal access way up the Moanalua Middle Ridge to Ko’olau Ridge where the Haiku Stairs sit atop of. The journey was a stunning and breath taking 13+ miles in the Hawaiian mountains.

View of Moanalua Middle Ridge from the top of Ko'olau ridge

There is simply not enough words to describe the journey. I took almost a thousand of photos on this trek alone. As I went through all the photos there is one image that is stuck in mind and will be for a very long time. I took this photo on top of Ko’olau overlooking Kanehoe before we made our way to the stairs:

 A cross sits on top of Ko'olau ridge overlooking Kanehoe, HI

It is a sobering reminder of our pursuits, risks and accomplishments. In our pursuits there will always be risks. The reality of pursuing these dreams is that not all make it through. Be safe out there, take the moment to see the beauty that surrounds you and live as you see fit.

Remember to Lead and not just follow your way through life.

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