Buildering in Brasilia

Lucas Castor captures this climber navigating the wall of the univeristy in Brasilia, Brazil

This young city, founded in 1960, has tons and tons of beautiful concrete structures throughout it’s streets, such as this building, the local university. 

Brasilia, capital of Brazil, is famous for its modernist architecture. Although originally planned to be a city known for a homelike atmosphere – where social differences would be irrelevant – its rapid growth has been marked by social inequality and urbanistic obstacles for people attempting appropriate the spaces. 

Buildering in Brasilia, Brazil

 This urban appropriation although difficult, is not impossible. Aside from the thousands of roads and cars, there are great places where you can walk, run and swim. You can stop, breathe, go out, drink, love, meet people, have fun and, of course, climb!

Lucas Castor captures this climber "Buildering" in Brasilia, Brazil

Bia Macedo, a beautiful and young climber just like the contradictory capital, is making the best of the geometric forms produced by modernism. You’re not alone in your city. Like her, you can use it.

How do you make it yours?

These photos were taken and submitted to us by Lucas Castor from Brazil you can see more of his incredible work on his Instagram: @lucascastor or on his website: 

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