From Ožbalt to Red River Gorge

Spring is in full effect around the globe!

Photo above: Luka Ravnjak captures this awesome shot of Anja Serbinek (@anjaserbinek) as she is locked off and reaching up for the next crimp hold while bouldering the problem ”Srček tika-taka” at the climbing spot “Ožbalt” just outside the city of Maribor in Slovenia

As we are graced with amazing spring time weather, many of us (myself included) are sitting at work staring at the clock itching to get out to the crags to work on our favorite projects each weekend!

Nicholas on "Vlliage Idiot" in the Peterskill section of the Gunks NY

Photo Above: Joe Cullinan captures this shot of Nicholas Hernandez projecting “Village Idiot” a V7 bouldering problem located in the Peterskill section of the Gunks in NY

Our love for the sport is easily seen by the enthusiasm we convey as we talk about our next trip or as we describe the beta on the route we are projecting.

zack making the clip while climbing "Getting Lucky in Kentucky" 5.10b in Muir Valley section of Red River Gorge

Photo above: Zach Adamczyk (IG: @Zachattack923) having his eyes locked while going for the clip as he is climbing the classic  “Getting Lucky in Kentucky” a 5.10b sport route in the Muir Valley Section of Red River Gorge.

We can not help but have a smile plastered on our face as we think about those moments when it all comes together. The project we worked and studied, piecing it together move by move. These are the ones etched into our memories fueling us to purse our climbing further.

What is the name of the project will you be working on this weekend?

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