Magic in “The Shire” of Red River Gorge

The Shire in PMRP in Red River Gorge, KY
“The Shire” crag in PMRP at Red River Gorge, KY

Red River Gorge is an incredible as well as a beautiful place! The word “Vast” is probably the best way to describe it now that I have been physically there to see it first hand! There is so many areas to climb in Red River Gorge! I felt like I was 6 years old walking into Chucky Cheese for the first time and not knowing what game to start with first! As a group we made the decision to check out PMRP (Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve) as our first day destination.

looking at guidebook

After looking through the South guide book we found  “The Shire” crag would be a great location to start. It has an abundance of climbs ranging from 5.7 to 5.11. This gave us the flexibility for everyone in our group to find a climb that they could warm-up on as well as get a gauge on the style of climbing in the area. Corey ran up the first climb “Miranda Rayne” a 5.9, clipping the anchors clean to kick it off the day. Krista who was belaying him, pulled the rope in normal fashion for the next person to climb up on lead. What does every climber do when they pull the rope from the anchors?

Collectively our group in unison shouted “ROPE!”

Krista went for the grab and well lets just say we had a good sign from the rock climbing gods!

Catching the tail end of the rope

With complete surprise our whole group paused, silent for a brief moment staring at Krista in utter amazement! Simultaneously everyone at once began to cheer and laugh with Krista holding up the tail end of the caught rope in her hand like a prize fighter who just been deemed the winner of championship bout. Needless to say it was an amazing start to the week and the sign of an incredible trip ahead of us!

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