Rock Gym: Training in the dark


We never know to what depth are dreams will take us. For some, we pursue our dreams by the light from our headlamps into the late hours of the night. The concept of night climbing sounds like a crazy idea for some and for others a thrill!


As we continue our development as climbers, we take for granted the abundance of light we see throughout the day. When you pursue those big wall ventures or a just a day out at the local crag, it is important to be comfortable in all aspects & scenarios of the climb.


 For some of us it can mean low light conditions. If you have ever found yourself simply hiking out after sunset you know the task can turn into a daunting one.  Imagine yourself stuck on the rock, the mere absence of light can make something originally fun into terrifying. Make sure to take the time to practice this scenario it could make your next climbing trip a bit more enjoyable and a whole lot safer!

Make sure to catch the next “Lights Out” night at your local rock gym!

Photo: Nicholas Hernandez (IG:@nicholasrhernandez) grabbed these shots of climbers at New Jersey Rock Gym during their lights out climbing night.

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