The Essential Item

What is the most “essential” non-essential item you bring when you go climbing?

Rubber Chicken in the White Mountains

Carlos the rock climbing chicken joins Dan on every hike and climbing trip he goes on.

In the pursuits of sending and peak bagging one can not help but acknowledge those comforts that make our journeys unique. The element of danger and calculated risk buries itself in the back of every single one of our minds. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world creature comforts, good luck charms and travel companions transcend across every culture. That little extra that gives us expression, safety and luck in our pursuits.

goofy smaller

Kevin brings Goofy with him where ever he goes especially when bouldering along carriage road in the Gunks.

American flag climbing

In Rumney, New Hampshire a climber has the American Flag on his stick clip while climbing 4th of July weekend.

Santa on Killington mountain in Vermont

It has become a tradition for Rob to do Killington Mountain in Vermont dressed as Santa every year.

Mr. Teddi working a slab problem

Mr. Teddi working on his Slab project at Nine Corners in the Adirondacks NY

Donkey at a shrine on Minkiani Pass (4000 m), Himachal Pradesh, India.

Donkey at a shrine on Minkiani Pass (4000 m), Himachal Pradesh, India. Part of the Dhauladhar Himalaya.

Email us with a picture of your “Essential” item/companion you take with you when you go climbing!

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